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NOMADENKINO, 13.4.19, at 20.30, Anomalie, Storkower Str. 123, 10407 Berlin and on 26.4.19 at 20.00, Ritter Butzke, Ritter Str. 26, 10969 Berlin. The bouncer's job with us at the Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo is like this: You don't let any groups of men in because it's a shitty mood. Men have too much imagination and show too little reflection, so they think they're talking to girls who aren't interested at all. The rejected men's groups write an insult on Google immediately afterwards. We are racists or something. And our venues for the NOMADENKINO performance of Berlin Bouncer? The Anomalie, a nice little boiling techno pot knows the problem just as well. The old-established Ritter Butzke also. What I mean is; the bouncer's job for me is closest to that of a psychologist. Dealing with drunken gentlemen with a lot of sensitivity. David Dietl's documentary shows such an everyday life, but much more: The history of Berlin club culture. What interests me; is there a recipe for the bouncer's job? Even icons like Marquardt vom Ostgut and Berghain deny that. In any case, the right mood can only be created with the right people. I can think of a nice memory. My colleague from the video store had guests from Bavaria with new sneakers. Isti wore a stinking hooded sweater and had puked before. He was allowed in, the others not. I myself soon made things easy for myself by corruption: free DVDs for free admission. Be that as it may. "Bouncers" like Sven Marquardt are beautifully tattooed, but not dangerous. All image to the luck. Bouncers like him were allowed to work their way up to a kind of D-prominence, publish books and enjoy Wikipedia entries. Berlin Bounce initially concentrates on their everyday lives on the threshold. As an "excess supervisor". But there's not much to report about it. Some are allowed in, others not. I know the original techno philosophy is called; you don't see anyone celebrating. So everybody is allowed in. But that was in the 90s when the Love Parade took place at Ku'damm. "Peace, joy, pancakes". Let's go on. Then the bouncers tell us their own history or that of the clubs from the fall of the wall until today. Is this a new "B-Movie"? Not quite. The charming distance to the events is missing. Berlin Bouncers has more of an elegy. Back then... They say that the ravages of time are gnawing at Berlin's nightlife. I don't think so. Of course, the nightlife no longer takes place in Reinhardtstrasse in Mitte. And of course there are now gourmet shops in "Kreuzkölln" where you can get chocolate for four euros. But there are also "new" districts! The middle-aged heroes in Berlin Bouncers seem aimless and lonely in their old days. Men who even think about death as an in-between hell. By the way, this is also a Berlin thing: Always looking back. And the future? It's located at Reichenberger Str. 133 (just for fun - that's what it means; we still decide that ourselves!!!). And who wants to avoid bad shops - here the instruction manual. If all questions are answered with "yes" - don't go in (based on Alexandria Ocasio Cortez): 1. Does the shop look empty and "designed"? 2. is the music discreetly quiet? 3. is it electronic blubber music? 4. is the staff fun-free "cool"? 5. are there strange (and expensive!) drinks on the menu? Translated with


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