When we opened the video store, it was insanely difficult to even get the films I wanted. 1. Video stores don't work like that. No wholesaler supplies you with The Taste Of Cherry, Umberto D. etc. 2. Many of the international classics (not Hollywood) are not even available on DVD, at least not on the German market. That's why it took a few years to get our selection from providers like That's why I understand the problem of netflix & amazon. Why is their selection so small? Because they don't get the rights to the films. That's why they try to recommend films to us instead of pushing a catalogue search. Most of the time they wouldn't get a hit anyway. And now? Now netflix & amazon are trying to market their labels. According to the motto, they already know what we want to see. Is that so? In my case, unfortunately not. I love films from all parts of the world. Old and new. I love authors' films. But I don't find enough of all that on netflix & amazon. I have tried it, subscribed to Disney+ and Sky. In the end, you pay around 50 euros a month for quite a few "worth seeing" suggestions that I have long since taken out of our video library and thrown away.


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